Monday, 16 June 2014

Gone, but not forgotten!

50 years ago today Pudsey Greenside and Pudsey Lowtown stations officially closed to passengers. I remember well the North Eastern Region orange enamel signs which were fixed to the doors advising passengers to use Stanningley station.

In fact, the last train had left Pudsey Greenside station on Saturday as the 7.20pm diesel multiple unit from Leeds Central went on its journey to Bradford Exchange. The moment was captured by a photographer from the Pudsey News and duly appeared in the issue for Thursday June 18th 1964. However, despite its headline which I have used for this blog posting title, it was hardly front page material for the News : being used with a simple caption on p4's Newsman's Diary.

Over the past year, I have gathered an interesting selection of source material on the line and its closure from archives, libraries, and through contact with the Pudsey Civic Society All being well this summer, I will draw it all together and write it up. Watch this space!


  1. Hi Peter, I've been planning for some time to model Pudsey Greenside station in N gauge. Not sure if I'll ever get round to it, but I've been assembling information, including photographs and track plans. I would be interested in modelling it around the late 1950s or early 1960s. One thing I don't have much information about is the locos that used to run on the loop. I've seen photographs of Thompson B1s and some early DMUs, but not much else. Do you have any information, please, on other locos, including any of the early diesels?

  2. Brian - sorry, I don't. The collection on the Loop held by Pudsey Civic Society at Pudsey Library does have some useful photos which may help Last time I was in contact with them, they tended to meet there on Friday mornings. Good luck

  3. Thanks, Peter. I have copies of those photographs, which is where I got the information I already have. I'll let you know if I ever get round to modelling the station.